Using a differential GPS rover unit in El Malpais National Monument, New Mexico during my undergraduate research days

Employment and Education

I am a systems engineer specializing in monitoring and data recovery. I used to work for Liquid Web Inc., a managed web hosting company, but in early 2019 my wife and I moved to Wellington, New Zealand, so these days I am part of a special projects team supporting regional clinical health systems for district health boards across the Lower North Island.

Once upon a time, I did a BA in earth science and German studies at Vassar College and wrote my undergraduate thesis on lava flows, but quickly found that unlike graduate school, they actually pay you if you muck around with Linux all day. Resigned to this terrible fate, I turned a part-time hobby into a full-time job and have been enjoying it immensely ever since.

Das Erlernen der deutschen Sprache

I started learning German in 2004, and have been very lucky to have spent time studying abroad in Germany with the Goethe Institut and as an exchange student with Youth for Understanding. While studying German at Vassar, I spent a semester abroad in Austria with IES Abroad, where I met an extraordinary woman in the same program to whom I am now happily married! We do not get nearly enough opportunities to keep our German skills up to scratch these days, but hope to change that at some point in the future.


Outside of work, I enjoy building and maintaining my own Linux operating systems, hunting for new music online, running (I ran cross-country and track & field while at Vassar), bicycling, hiking, reading, and traveling. For information on how to contact me or to view my CV/resume, see here.